Writing Her First Books

Tara wrote four books in order to get the first one done. Because she had no idea what she was doing. She just knew she had to do this. With her skill-set in the print world in her early twenties she was able to self publish it. Her first book was titled, ā€œ10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle.ā€ She used her painful divorce and relationships to create a fun, witty dating advice book. To help herself and others that were going back out in to the dating world. After publishing that first book then she had to figure out how to market it. With that first book she was then featured on CNN, ABC, Daytime TV, FOX, SSN, Channel 10 News, USA TODAY, Beverly Hills Times and radio stations all over the world. Ms. Richter then wrote and published four more books in the Dating Jungle Series.

Tara Richter on Fox News

She then started to have people in the Tampa Bay Area ask her how she did it. At that time she also joined an entrepreneurial bootcamp and that is where she met Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank. He was a mentor for the bootcamp. During that bootcamp back in 2012, he approached her along with Anthony Amos to help them ghostwrite and publish their own book. It was at that moment her publishing house, Richter Publishing was born.

Tara had always wanted to become an author and thought that dream was impossible, but never in a million years thought she would be able to launch her own publishing house. And to start it with a shark from the shark tank? It was a dream come true.

The Florida based company took off like wildfire and grew so fast. Now 10 years in business, they have published over 100 some books. They specialize in helping people who are not authors themselves. They will take a manuscript that has not been picked up by traditional publishing houses. Their approval process is totally opposite than the regular book world. Richter Publishing knows that writing your book is an emotional journey. They will take a manuscript at any point in the process and work through it with you and their team of editors or ghostwriters to get the information out of your head and onto paper. Tara also streamlined the daunting writing process down to a quick easy to use formula.

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