Quarantined Writing Contest

After coming back from Asia in 2019, covid hit and unfortunately lock downs and no more travel. It was a big bummer because after that amazing experience Tara wanted to start up writing retreats in Asia and bring authors there to experience all the amazing things she did. But the world had other plans. During 2020 while being locked in her condo with her cat and no where to travel, she thought, what can we do to give people hope? Of course, let’s write! So she started a Quarantined Writing Contest. It got picked up by Channel 8 News. They ran the story twice and submissions started flooding in.

Quarantined Writing Contest with Richter Publishing

The indie publishing house did take a hard hit during covid though and the business almost went under. Lots of small publishing houses did fold. It was devastating. After everything Ms. Richter went though to build this, there was no way a virus was going to wipe her out. Not to mention shutting down, means she would be failing all of her authors as well. She applied for the PPP and was denied. It was a very emotional time June of 2020. Her bank account was almost empty. She thought she might have to sell her condo and live in her car just to make ends meet and keep the business afloat. Finally Richter Publishing got approved for a very small loan from SIBA. It wasn’t much, but it was something. And it came just in the nick of time to save the business. They are still building back up to pre-pandemic goals.

Richter Publishings author’s include doctors, lawyers, Fortune 500 CEO’s, founders of 501C3 nonprofits and many more amazing people that are making an impact in our community. Their books allow their voice to have a platform and reach an audience on distribution channels all over the world. They have won multiple awards and become Amazon Best Sellers. Discover more on her website http://www.richterpublishing.com.

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