How Tara Ended up in Florida

Tara Richter was born in Kearney, Nebraska on 9/11/1977. She grew up in the Midwest and received a degree in Electronic Imaging and Graphic Design, but knew it was not the place for her to live forever. She wanted warmer temps so she moved to California after graduation and secured a job a Kinko’s in the Silicon Valley as the technology specialist. She was 21 at the time yet she was the rep for the store in her area and got to work with Apple and Google doing large volume jobs. Which was great experience at the time. However, California proved to be too expensive even back in the 90’s to live. So she moved back to Nebraska.

One of her girlfriends from Nebraska had moved to Florida. Ms. Richter had never been to Florida before, so she decided to visit during the summer time. OMG was it hot and sticky. “How do you guys live here?! Your makeup sweats off as soon as you walk out the door!” Tara never thought she would ever live in Florida, even though the beaches were gorgeous. The humidity was not. However, then winter in Nebraska rolled around. One day she got in her car to drive to work and the plows had not been through her neighborhood yet. She pulled out in the street and kerplunk! She was high centered in the middle of the snowdrifts. Tara got out, plopped down in the snow and had to start digging the cold chunks out of her wheels with her bare hands. At that moment she made the decision, “I am moving to FLORIDA!”

Twenty years later, Ms. Richter still resides in sunny Florida and has never regretted her decision. The beautiful sunshine state has provided so many opportunities that would have not been available in other areas. Since being a small child, Tara has always had a love for writing, drawing and the arts. She used to make her own books with crayons, rubber paste and bind them with ribbons. Her favorite classes were English and art in school. She always knew she wanted to be an author, but never really thought it was a possibility to come true.

She received her degree but it didn’t really pan out for awhile. After coming to Florida she just had to make money to pay the bills and ended up working in the mortgage industry for a long time. It was during the crash when a lot of fraud was going on and was a very soul sucking job. Not a creative one by any means. Then she moved onto working for one of the largest attorneys in the state of Florida that were foreclosing on peoples houses. That was even more soul crushing. She knew she wanted more, but how do you get out? How do you get out of the 9-5 corporate grind?

At 30 years old she ended up getting married to whom she thought was her soulmate, but instead was a narcissist, sociopath and mentally abused her for four years. With the help of a therapist she finally broke free of that marriage. As she was putting back the pieces of her life and trying to figure things out and work through the pain, a friend told her to go to the gym and beat it out on the gym equipment. So she followed that advice. After about five minutes on the treadmill, once the adrenaline started flowing and the thoughts started accumulating, she realized the way she had always dealt with emotions was by writing. The light bulb moment clicked and she jumped off the treadmill jumped into her car and drove home as fast as she could. She opened up her laptop and started typing. Her fingers couldn’t go fast enough. It was as if she was just word vomiting onto the pages. The more she typed the more that kept coming into her brain. It was so liberating! She typed 10,000 words that day. It didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. It wasn’t organized, but hell she felt great! Just to get all that emotions out of her head and onto paper. She forgot this is who she truly was. Her higher self has always known this, even as a small child. We may forget it, we may shove it away and put on a different face and play a different role just to pay the bills. But it is always there, waiting for us to find it.

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